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12v 12000lbs winch front vivew

4×4 Winches

The Antai 4×4 winches are perfect winch for 4wd or car trailer.

3000lbs winch front vivew

ATV Winches

We have different size winch from 1500-4500lb  can fit different atv.

12v 20000lbs winch front vivew

Truck Winches

The Antai truck winches are perfect winches for trucks.


Electric Winch Manufacturer

Ningbo Antai Winch Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is located in Jishigang Industrial Zone, connection of Jibei Road and Yongjin express, Ningbo City. What is more, it is about 3.5 kilometers away from airport. The transportation is very convenient. Antai Winch is a professional manufacturer of electric winches (1500LBS-25000LBS) for customers. The leading products are truck winches, ATV winches, hand winches, 4WD winches and off-road winch accessories.

Why Choose Our Winches?

  • We are more than 20 years experiences winch factory, our product specifications are complete
  •  We have senior engineers can design good winches, and we know what winch people like
  •  We do 100% test before we ship winches that can ensure winches can work well after customers receive them.
  •  All components of winch are of good quality
  •  Our prices are competitive and fair.

Winches Information

12v 20000lbs winch front vivew

Why is it called a winch?

The word "winch" comes from the Old English word "wince," which…
12v 3500lb winch front vivew

What are examples of winch?

A winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull or lift heavy…
12v 3500lb winch front vivew

Is a winch a tool?

Yes, a winch is a tool that is used to pull or lift heavy objects.…