Electric winch vs hand winch. Which one is suitable for you?

What are electric winch and hand winch?

Electric winch

12v 2000lbs electric winch for antv

Electric winch is a tool that uses its own power engine to rotate, through the fixing or traction of the car or a special cable that is trapped in the predicament through the other end of the car. It is one of the necessary tools for off -road vehicles

Hand winch

Hand winch is a vertical mounting cable. Machines that can be wrapped around under power drive but do not store ropes. It also refers to the vertical twisted rotating axis and deck. It is the self -protection and traction device of vehicles and ships

Advantage and disadvantage:

Advantage of Hand winch

  • Can be used any where;
  • Can pull from any direction (that’s the big one);
  • Can be used for more applications eg (if you roll it you can put yourself back over);
  • You can put it in any car;
  • Last longer;
  • Dont need a special front bar.

Disadvantage of Hand winch

  • Their hard work (realy hard);
  • You have to remember to take it;
  • Very slow movements when using it;
  • Hard to use by yourself;
  • Takes up room in the car (not much but some)

Advantage of electric winch

  • They look nice:cool
  • Are quick to use;
  • Always ready to go (on the car)
  • Easy to use with 1 person.


Disadvantage of electric winch

  • Extra wieght on the front:
  • Only recover yourself forward;
  • Dont work if battery dies;
  • Don’t work if the car is under water;
  • Spend more time helping others than helping yourself;
  • Need a winch compatible front bar;


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