Steel rope VS synthetic rope, which one is better?


Always customers ask us Steel cable VS synthetic rope, which one is better? What is their difference? Here is some informtion for you to choose ropes

Steel Rope

Steel rope

Steel rope is a spiral steel wire with a wire that meets the requirements of mechanical properties and geometric dimensions in accordance with certain rules. The wire rope is composed of steel wire, rope core, and grease. The wire rope is first twisted by the multi -layer steel wire, and then the rope core is centered. It is twisted from a certain amount of stock to spiral rope. Among the material handling machinery, the use of promotion, traction, tightening and carrying. The strength of the wire rope is high, the self -heavy, the work is stable, the work is stable, and the whole roots are broken, and the work is reliable

Synthetic Rope

synthetic rope

The Synthetic rope uses Synthetic Dyneem high -intensity polyethylene fiber, and then uses the thread to strengthen the process to make a super smooth and sensitive rope. The lubricant surface is added to the surface of the rope, which improves the coating on the surface of the wire rope. The smooth coating makes the wire rope durable for a long time, the color is lasting, and the color will prevent wear and fade.

Synthetic rope has high strength: powerful is more than 10 times more than high -quality steel. High modular amount: second only to the special -grade carbon fiber. Low density: less than water, can float on the water surface. The physical properties of high -strength and high -profile polyethylene fibers are very good. Chemical groups with high crystalline and not easy to react with chemical agents. Therefore, water resistance, humidity resistance, chemical corrosion, ultraviolet resistance, so there is no need to be treated with ultraviolet resistance. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, have excellent abrasion resistance, not only high -mode volumes, but also soft and long deflection life. Will not cause serious performance reduction, etc.

Synthetic rope can be used in all aspects due to its excellent performance. High -quality drag rope, high -intensity traction rope. High strength, light weight, easy to operate. Although one-time investment is high, as long as the rope is well maintained, its service life is 2-3 times that of other ropes.

By above information we can know the difference between steel rope and synthetic rope, hope you will have clearly idea when you are confused about choosing steel rope or steel cable.


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