Top 10 electric winch manufacturers in England

Looking for the electric winch manufactures in England? In the post, you will get enough information about the best British suppliers of electric winch

12v 12000lbs winch front vivew

An electric winch is a motorized device used for lifting, pulling and positioning of loads. It is typically mounted to a vehicle’s front or rear bumper and is powered by direct current electricity provided by the vehicle’s electrical system.

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DRAGON WINCH is manufacturer of electric winch, currently produces electric winch, it located in 19 Shepiston Lane Hayes, UB3 1LH UK

dragon winch

DRAGON WINCH is the biggest, operating globally, Polish manufacturer of winches. The brand of DRAGON WINCH is recognized and appreciated in the European market where it is acknowledged as a leader in its class.

The company is proud of its tradition which dates back to the mid 1990s when Jerzy Woźnicki and Waldemar Tomankiewicz decided to start their cooperation.
Combining European technology with Polish imagination and diligence they deliver their Customers top quality products which manage to meet expectations of professionals and satisfy the needs of enthusiasts.

DRAGON WINCH brand is created by three commercial companies and a Foundation. Company’s headquarters, central service and main R&D centre are located in Balice. Commercial, marketing, export and logistics departments are located in Bielsko – Biała.

2. Winch solutions Ltd 

Winch solutions Ltd is a manufacturer of electric winch, currently produces electric winch, it located in Bradley Lane, Standish Wigan WN6 0XQ, United Kingdom

Winch Solutions Ltd

Winch Solutions Ltd is a power products company built from the ground up in the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on the ‘family’ environment we foster in everyone associated with

Winch Solutions. Our family ethic creates a togetherness which in turn develops a bond based on trust shared by employees, suppliers and customers alike.

We are dedicated to producing quality, reliable products that enrich peoples lives and we are always striving to improve not only our products but also our services and after sales relationships with our customers.


Novawinch is manufacturer of electric winch, currently produces electric winch, it located in Leeds Road, Rothwell, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 0JB


The new name in winches… Since 1997.

You could be forgiven for not recognising the name
in fact, you could say that we’ve become a victim of our own success. Since the late nineties, our family run business has been meticulously creating quality winch products for worldwide distribution, albeit much to the benefit of other major winch brand names who were promoting our products as their own.

From out of the shadows and into the limelight

this is our time to shine! We have our own objectives now and need to show the world our true potential. In fact, we couldn’t have chosen a better time to surface, as we see how one of the largest names in the industry (who, for many years has been one of our main customers), has failed to continue capitalising on the distinguished name under which they were trading, we have the perfect opportunity to take our rightful place among the top manufacturers in the winch supply market.

Quality products, quality service – Our partnership with Rydam Universal Ltd.

From the outset, we have been looking into work with distributors across the globe whose attention to detail, quality and overall customer service matches our own high values. With Rydam Universal, we believe that we have found a perfect partner for the UK market. Their experience and wealth of contacts within the vehicle recovery, heavy haulage and equipment supply sectors mean they are ideally placed to provide the best exposure for the wide range of winch products we have to offer, all backed up by their exceptional focus on service.


Winchmax is a manufacturer of electric winch, currently produces electric winch, it located in Earsham Hall, Bungay Norfolk NR35 2AN, UK



Here at WINCHMAX, they are all dedicated winch enthusiasts and they have evolved to become one of the UK’s leading brands, providing a range of winches to suit most recreational and industrial users’ needs.

However, that’s not to say that if you can’t find something to suit your specific requirement that they can’t help you. Their aim has always been to bring you top quality, well-engineered and fully supported winch products.

Their Range

With an established and enviable reputation in the Recovery, 4×4 and Off-Road markets, they are proud to stock a wide range of 12V and 24V Electric winches which are also available in Slim Line (SL) versions. They also offer a wide range of Industrial Hydraulic winches which continue to evolve as demand increases.

They stock and supply Military Specification winches, with additional features and benefits as well as winches for Emergency and Rescue services.

They also stock EN14492 compliant winches that meet stringent industry standards. They welcome all enquires and if you can’t find something that you are looking for, please call one of our technical team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Why them?

With low overheads, they offer a range of high-performance winches to provide the maximum cost benefit to you, their customer.
All their winches are engineered to the highest standards using the latest technologies and manufacturing processes.
By keeping a customer-centric focus and tightly managing our operational overhead, including our marketing spend, they are able to offer the most competitively priced winches to their customers.

A large proportion of the price you pay is reflected in the material and production costs. By streamlining their transport and warehousing operations, you avoid incurring any additional costs from the moment our winches leave the factory gate;

Owning and controlling their UK warehousing operations allows them to hold significant levels of stock. This means when you need to place a large order with them, you won’t have to wait.

Your delivery takes place without delay;
They are also proud to run a small dynamic team, there’s no bureaucratic hierarchy so things are done, promptly, according to your needs, not theirs,Their passionate management team is only a call away, useful if you’ve got an urgent problem that needs resolving fast.

5. Super power winch 

Super power winch is a manufcturers of electric winch

superpower winch

Super Power Winch (part of Peak Dynamics) has one of the most extensive ranges of quality electric and hydraulic winches, hoists, vehicle recovery equipment and winch spares for sale in the country!

Super Power Winch is a winch and hoist provider with an abundance of expertise, offering over 30 years of industry experience. They provide vehicle recovery equipment suitable for many vehicles, for instance, 4×4 off-road vehicles, recovery vehicles and plant vehicles.

Based in Bidford-on-Avon in Warwickshire, Super Power Winch is close to the major motorway networks and can ship through the UK! So, whether you’re looking for a recovery winch, accessories, hoist or spares, Super Power Winch can guarantee you’ll find what you require!

6. Goodwinch

Goodwinch is a manufacturer of electric winch, currently produces electric winch


Goodwinch is a small family run business based in rural North Devon. Shipping their range of TDS winches and a wide range of accessories worldwide.
Wil took over Goodwinch Ltd in 2018, from the original founder Mr David Bowyer who lovingly built up the business to the brand we all know and love today. Sue and Trev have worked for Goodwinch for 15+ years and moved with the business when it changed hands and premises. They truly are part of the family here at Goodwinch. When phoning you’ll speak to Sue, if you’ve got a technical question you will be handed down to the workshop where Trev is happy to help with any questions you may have. He has been repairing, servicing winches, making ropes for many years and truly can do this with his eyes closed! He also makes a great cup of Tea. In the workshop you will also find Sam, who joined the team at its new premises in North Devon in 2018 to work alongside Trev in the workshop, specialising in building our capstan winch range, working hard on social media to keep you all updated on what’s happening and carrying out general day to day duties here in the workshop.

Wil had worked for the same company for many years and decided it was time for a change, so off he went to figure out what it was he wanted to do, what better to do than something you’re passionate about? So he chose Goodwinch and now him and his team work many hours testing, assembling and packing goods to be shipped worldwide.

Pauline is in charge of the money, and tries to keep us all in check when it comes to spending,
although she has been known to spend quite a lot too! With her unique personality Pauline really does bring the office alive.

Many of you may know Sam and Wil from the Off-road sport, Wil has been competing in this sport for 20+ years. Sam has followed in his footsteps and has become very passionate about the sport. Both travelling across the UK and Europe to compete in competitions.
Between us all they have a wide and varied knowledge of winches, they will always try our best to answer your questions, if they are unsure they will do the hard work to go and find the answers for you.
They also now offer a winch refurbishing service and can repair and obtain spares for most makes.
They also offer a fitting service for winches and bumpers.

Their TDS range of electric winches are waterproof.

Goodwinch also supply the incredibly strong and lightweight Dyneema® Bowrope, a 12 Strand Synthetic Fibre rope to replace the usual wire winch rope, This is made from Dyneema® SK78 High Modulus Polyethylene Fibre, to an exacting specification set by Goodwinch Limited. A suitable aluminium hawse fairlead is also available to fit their range of winches.


Winches uk is a manufacturer of electric winch.



Winches UK suppliers of Gebuwin winches, Novawinch winches, Warrior winches , Kito Chain Hoists, Maypole Hand Winches, Tepamec Cable Roller winches, APL Wheelchair Winches, ropes and winch accessories.

Everyday items used by millions of people worldwide – Winches, Hoists, Wire Ropes, Synthetic Ropes, things they use on a regular basis and in many cases without a second thought and for an infinite amount of applications.

Here at WinchesUK Limited they make sure when you buy a winch or a hoist that you get the correct lifting or pulling device for the application/purpose.

Whether it be a 4×4 winch, hand winch, trailer winch, winch for your ATV, marine winch, theatre winch or an industrial winch you can make your order online with us.


Red winch is a manufacturer of electric winch, currently produces electric winches, it located in Somerset, TA20 1DA ,United Kingdom


From humble beginnings, RED Winches has grown into a supplier of performance and industrial winches for the UK and rest of the world.
Their modern, fully equipped production facilities are a far cry from the small wooden office in which their first off-road winch was conceived and crafted. Today, RED Winches are an established name within the commercial, off-road and motorsport industries.

However, while they may have grown, they’ve never forgotten the values, customer focus and attention to detail that have made RED Winches the uncompromising products they are today.

The off-road competition winches we now produce were born from a requirement received for a high-performance hydraulic winch on a military vehicle.

In late 2008 they were approached by Supacat in Devon to solve a problem they had with self-recovery. In essence, it was the ability to winch from the front of their highly competent – and very successful – Jackal and Coyote vehicles. The brief required it to be small, powerful and fit within a specific space.

Testing with the MOD and Supacat was carried out over several months with several vehicles at Supacat’s secret test area in Somerset to show the capabilities of the winches, from a 200TDI Defender to a Coyote – Supacat’s six-wheel drive HMT600.

Designing the winches and building a winch to military specification (Mil Spec) isn’t just a case of grabbing an existing unit off the shelf. Everything has to be fit for purpose and this means precision machining and detailed, meticulous engineering design.\


Warrior winch is a manufacturer of electric winch was founden in 2004, currently produces electric winches, it locats in Unit 17-18, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan, WN6 0XQ

warrior winch

From their beginnings as a one-man company through to becoming a global organisation, they’ve tried to stay true to their core beliefs of honesty, hard work and commitment and their goal is to deliver an exceptional experience for all their customers both large and small. They owe a huge thanks to you, their distributors, in many different countries for joining them on this incredible journey, and they hope that you’ll continue to be a part of their developing story.

They pride ourselves on their ‘family’ environment which incorporates everyone associated with Winch Solutions Ltd. Their family ethic creates a togetherness which in turn develops a bond based on trust shared by employees, suppliers and customers alike.

As a customer you will find your experience with Winch Solutions to be effortless. From first contact our dedicated and talented staff will seek to provide you with the information and products that you require to make your business better. They are straight talking, efficient; supportive and relentless in their desire to make you our number one priority.

10. Kartt Ltd

Kartt Ltd is a manufacturer of electric winch, it locates in UK

Kartt ltd


Kartt Ltd is a UK company with production workshops and warehousing based in Bedford, England and is a major trailer parts supplier to the trailer industry.

Kartt has forged strong relationships with many towing and trailer parts suppliers and is proud to now be the exclusive Pundmann distributor in Great Britain.

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