Top 11 Electric Winch Manufacturers in USA

Looking for the electric winch manufactures in USA?  In the post, you will get enough information about the best American suppliers of electric winch.

12v 13000lbs winch front vivew

An electric winch is a motorized device used for lifting,  pulling and positioning of loads.  It is typically mounted to a vehicle’s front or rear bumper and is powered by direct current electricity provided by the vehicle’s electrical system.

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1. Warn Industries

Warn Industries is a manufacturer of electric was established in 1948, currently produces electric winch in USA. Warn Industries began in the Pacific Northwest and 70 years later, we’re still Pacific Northwest

Warn Industries logo

Warn Industries has the led the way in durable, innovative, and trusted off-road products since 1948. Our powerful winches, rock-solid bumpers and mounting systems, versatile rigging equipment, and proven 4WD hubs let truck, Jeep, SUV, and powersports owners GO PREPARED for whatever lies ahead, whether on the trail or on the job. We’ve been innovating for 70+ years, and continue to set the standard for the off-road aftermarket—whether you’re riding trails, crossing continents, or something in between.

In addition to off-road products, Warn Industries offers a complete line of hard-working electric and hydraulic winches and hoists for commercial, industrial, and severe-duty applications that help get the job done—whether on the back of a tow truck or on the front of a military vehicle. When it’s time to get to work, Warn is the name to trust.

Warn also has an inventive lineup of utility winches and hoisting equipment that lets both the professional and the do-it-yourselfer accomplish a range of tasks efficiently. From trailer loading and fence stretching, to engine hoisting and construction projects WARN products provide new answers to old questions and lets users get more done in less time.

2. Kappers Fabricating Inc

Kappers Fabricating Inc is a manufacturer of electric winch was established in 1986. Currently produces electric winch in USA. Many KFI Products and accessories are made in their 92,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility in Spring Valley


KFI Products is their brand name of products that they primarily manufacture atKappers Fabricating Inc. They are family owned and have been in business since 1986. In 2002, they decided to start some of their own products and they engineered they very first KFI ATV Winch Mount. Since the inception of our first ATV mount they have come a long way with their KFI Products line. They have also added products such as their KFI Winch to help compliment our manufactured products.

Many KFI Products and accessories are made in their 92,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility in Spring Valley, MN. Most of the KFI Products are assembled, packaged, received and shipped from their new 40,000 sq. ft. facility directly behind their manufacturing plant. they also thoroughly research any possible partnerships with other manufacturers and use their own staff of powersports enthusiasts to rigorously test the products they bring to their home facility. Because quality and customer satisfaction are their top two priorities, they only sell items that meet their most demanding standards. Their highly-skilled engineers and production team work together to create custom ATV accessories from the highest quality materials. Once completed, all KFI Products are inspected to confirm the exact specifications needed for your ATV model. We strive for a precise fit with ease of installation.
With their in-house engineering, riding experts, and other business partners, they believe that KFI Products provides you with the highest-quality ATV accessories at the best possible prices.

3. Mile Marker Industries

Mile Marker Industries has been in business for over thirty years, currently produces electric winch in USA. Their products are available in retail shops across the U.S. Mile Marker operates from its headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Mile Marker Industries

Mile Marker Industries has been in business for over thirty years, providing high quality, highly durable, hydraulic and electric winches, mounting systems, locking hubs, snatch blocks, shackles, tow and rigging ropes, recovery kits, vehicle accessories and more to off-road motorists.
Their products are available in retail shops across the U.S. and They have dealers throughout the world.
When you need high quality, highly reliable, well-tested products for your ATV or 4×4, you can count on Mile Marker and Their team of professionals to help you out.
They are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and a TACOM approved supplier, with Their legendary, patented hydraulic winch the only approved winch for the U.S. Military’s HMMWV (Humvee). All Their military products undergo rigorous testing and each is rated for the highest break strength standard in the industry and are constructed from quality USA made materials.
The Mile Marker Mission: Mile Marker empoTheyrs a winning team that anticipates and fulfills the needs of Their Military and Commercial consumers by creating innovative solutions with superior value.

4. Prowinch LLC

Prowinch is a manufacturer of electric winch was found in 1995, currently produces electric winch in USA, they are in 2901 NW 21st Terrace, Miami, FL, 33142.


Prowinch was founded in 1995 and since then, has dominated the industry when it comes to industrial cranes, winches and hoists. The company has its roots in developing and manufacturing winches and other products for automotive and off-road applications. Over the years, the need to develop other solutions for a wide range of industries has taken priority because of market demand and as a result of the reputation for reliability.

Known worldwide for Their quality products and meticulous designs, Prowinch has led the way for years in providing solutions to a whole host of industries with the highest quality products on the market today. No matter the size of yTheir project or need, Prowinch has a solution. Their goal is to exceed yTheir expectations every day with Their products and service.

Being a global provider of winches, hoists and cranes as well as other lifting solutions, Prowinch is well aware of the need to meet every standard possible. Nothing leaves the Prowinch facilities without exceeding every possible standard. Prowinch is an ISO 9001 certified operation. Theyare also a UL 508A / File No. E524056 Certified Industrial Control Panel (ICPs) manufacturer. But it doesn’t stop there. Because there is a global demand for Their products and solutions, Their team understands the wide range of standards required for Their products around the world.

Prowinch is well known within the industry for creating customized solutions for a wide range of commercial needs. There are times when standard products do not quite meet the demands and challenges of a particular industry. That’s where Their team of designers, mechanical and electrical engineers get to work. Their team conducts a complete analysis of yTheir challenges, and Theyget right to work designing a thoughtful solution.

Custom products and solutions go through the same rigorous testing and standards that every other solution Theydevelop goes through. Whether it’s a single winch, hoist or crane or a more complex synchronized solution for your organization, Their entire team is behind a well thought out design and ultimately an effective working solution that meets many standards.

When you work with Prowinch and implement Their products and solutions, you get the full support of Their company behind you. Their promise to you is there will always be someone here to offer support and customer service when you need it. If you just have a simple question or a more urgent need, all you need to do is pick up the phone and someone will be here to speak with you and solve yTheir challenge. Why does this make us different? Not all companies in this industry offer live phone support. Theydo, and it’s just that simple. If you need them, They are here! Their team can also offer support in many languages which gives them a huge advantage if your company is operating in the global economy.

5. Ramsey Industries

Ramsey Industries is a manufacturer of electric winch with more than 70 years, currently produces electric winch in USA. They located in 4707 North Mingo Road Tulsa, Oklahoma 74117

Ramsey winches

Ramsey Industries, through their subsidiary brands Auto Crane®, Eskridge®, and Ramsey Winch®, designs and manufactures products that lift, move, and drive today’s workforce.

Their applications are hard at work in a variety of industries including towing and recovery, utility, oil and gas, mining, forestry, military, and mobile fleet services. These vital industries count on Ramsey Industries brands to lead the way with safety-focused innovation.

For more than 70 years, they’ve been committed to the same entrepreneurial values that they were founded on, forever changing the way industrial companies move ahead.

6. MotoAlliance

MotoAlliance is a electric winch manufacturer in USA


At MotoAlliance, Their mission is to develop high-quality power sports accessories while providing exceptional support and service throughout the buying process and beyond. They are based in the north metro area of Minneapolis, MN, and distribute across the U.S. and Canada.

As the sole owner & manufacturer of Their products, They have the freedom to design, test, and innovate new solutions for off-roaders everywhere. With a team of highly skilled engineers and the industry experience necessary to source the best materials for Their products, Moto Alliance blends new-school innovation, old-school quality, and top-notch support to deliver the best solutions for Their customers. Their product lineup ranges from rugged VIPER ATV/UTV Winches to the winter-busting DENALI snow plows & FIRESTORM cab heaters (They are from MN after all!). They also recently introduced TheirJEMCO Cargo Boxes, innovative EVOLUTION wipers, IMPACT implements for food plots, and crazy bright SIRIUS LED lights.

Each product is made with a deep sense of pride, and because They bypass traditional distribution sites, They are able to bring these products directly to you – resulting in a lower cost while maintaining the highest quality.

7. Bulldog Winch Co LLC

Bulldog Winch Co LLC is a electric winch manufacturer was founded in 2006, it located in 8644 W Ludlow Dr Ste 17 Peoria, Arizona 85381 USA

Bulldog Winch Co LLC

Bulldog Winch Co LLC was founded in 2006 by Bob Horn. Bob and the Bulldog Team are enthusiasts and love what they do. They’re always trying to solve problems or create the next widget but deep down they love what they do. they hope that shows up in the products they’re offering. they’re not the biggest company in the winch category but they’re working hard to try to be the best. In many categories they are offering the broadest, deepest selection in the industry and they’re proud of this. they listen to theircustomers and end users and they give us the best ideas to improve theirproducts or create a new one. they have a hard and fast strategy to make sure they have every part for every winch they make. Period!! Nothing worse than purchasing a product and not being able to get parts. You should never have that problem at Bulldog Winch!

8. Winches Inc


Winches Inc

Winches Inc. is one of the largest distributors of winches and winch-related components in the world. they operate 4 facilities located in Odessa, Texas; Houston, Texas; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; and Hannaford, North Dakota. Major winch brands including BRADEN, Tulsa, WARN, Ramsey, Pullmaster, Gearmatic and Superwinch are stocked and ready to be ship

9. Comeup Winch

Comeup winch is a manufacturer of electric winch with over 37 years experence, now currently produces electric winches.

comeup winch

The ComeUp brand is rated as one of the highest quality winches in the world. ComeUp has exclusively manufactured nothing but winches for over 37 years. As a behind the scenes private label manufacturer for the U.S. market for many years, ComeUp has chosen to go direct with its own brand name to bring its value added high quality winches to the U.S. market at a lower price. Though the ComeUp brand is not yet known in the U.S. ComeUp is highly regarded, very popular and widely used in the rest of the world. ComeUp winches reputation for quality, durability and innovative engineering won it the selection for use by Artic Truck in Polar expeditions to both the South and the North Poles. The expedition to the North Pole was captured on film by the popular international television program “Top Gear”.

This honor has given ComeUp winches the distinction of being the only winch to take a driven vehicle to both the North and South Poles, traversing the most hostile and rugged terrains on the face of the Earth.

Some of what makes the ComeUp winch superior are engineering and design solutions for today’s actual applications. With the increasing use of synthetic rope on winches today the current designs of all the competition’s winches have the brake inside the drum spool. With an internal brake the synthetic rope acts as an insulator and keeps the heat from the brake inside the drum causing brake fade, slipping and failure. The ComeUp winch has what is called a “CBS” (cone brake system) which is outside the drum where it can dissipate the heat and stay firmly engaged. The CBS system is also an adjustable true friction brake and provides the most brake surface area of any winch on the market. Many of the inexpensive units on the market do not even have a friction brake but use a coil spring in a bind up arrangement that is very prone to failure.

ComeUp USA offers a full range of winches from 1,500 lbs. utility, ATV and UTV, all the way up to 18,000 lbs. 12V/24V electric and hydraulic self-recovery and industrial winches, with everything in between.

10. Engo Winch

Engo Winch is a manufacturer of electric winch with over 50 years experience, currently produces electric winch, it located in 10010 NE 170th Street Battle Ground, WA 98604  US

engo winch

With over 50 years experience, ENGO was spawned by innovators. Their innovativeness in designing, producing, and patenting unique winch solutions for the US Military, OEM, other winch manufacturers, 4X4 markets and other markets ensure we strive to provide you with the best innovation, quality, value and service in the industry. Offering a highly flexible business model, they are an open minded manufacturer’, allowing ENGO to provide a broad range of products and services.


SUPERWINCH is a manufacturer of electric winch, currently produce electric winch, it located in 320 W. Covina Blvd. San Dimas, CA 91773


Whether you winch to get away or winch to get back home safely, we’re pushing the boundaries of modern winching from our new headquarters in San Dimas, California.

Westin is pleased to announce that we have added Superwinch to our family of quality automotive products. Superwinch has been a global market leader and manufacturer of electric and hydraulic winches and accessories for over 45 years and the tradition will now continue. The Superwinch brand is synonymous with quality, durability and innovation and has a loyal following among off-road enthusiasts, agricultural, military and industrial users alike.

Superwinch has maintained an outstanding reputation within the marketplace based upon their superior design, reliability and value. The brand includes a wide range of consumer and industrial winch products, including electric winches, power drives, hydraulic winches and recovery accessories. Westin plans to expand upon the current Superwinch product offerings, with new designs in the future while providing distributors with additional added value through our comprehensive line of winch capable products (such as HDX grille guards and bumpers, MAX mount systems and Jeep products).

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