What is Car winch?

Did you know that car winches are becoming more and more poular in the world ?  More and more people installed car winches for their cars.

But what is car winch? You can learn about car winches by this article

12v 13500lbs electric winch front vivew

Electric winch is a tool that uses its own power engine to rotate, through the fixing or traction of the car or a special cable that is trapped in the predicament through the other end of the car. It is one of the necessary tools for off -road vehicles.

Working principle

The working principle of electric winch: Through foreign power, transform into the tension of the cable, so as to pull the cars that cannot be moved out of the predicament. Of course, it can also help the driver remove the obstacles on the road.


Car strand is mainly used for off -road vehicles, agricultural cars, ATV sports cars, yachts, and other special vehicles. It is a device for self -protection and traction of vehicles and ships. It can be self -rescued in harsh environments such as snow, swamps, deserts, beaches, and muddy mountain roads, and may undergo barriers to clearing, dragging items, and installation facilities under other conditions. Forestry, transportation, public security, border defense, fire protection and other wild sports are indispensable.

Electric winch VS Mechanical PTO winches VS hydraulic PTO winch VS oil -press winch

There are many types of car winch, including electric winch, mechanical PTO winch, hydraulic PTO winch, and oil -press winch. Among them, electric winches are the most popular and most familiar.

Electric winch

Electric winch is to drive the motor from a car battery to drive the motor and drive the stranger. This winch is very convenient to use, because you can stand anywhere and manipulate the winch through the knob on the remote control. There is an advantage of this winch, that is, even if the engine cannot be mobilized, as long as there is electricity in the battery, you can manipulate the winch.

Mechanical PTO winches

Power take Off (Power Take OFF) Because of its direct power to the engine, the torque is super strong, the toughness and durability are very good, but the disadvantage is that the car will not be used when the engine is unable to run, and its volume and weight It is very large, and the applicable models are quite limited.

Oil pressure PTO winch

The hydraulic PTO winch needs to be installed with a special oil pump to connect to the engine, which is not only heavier but also more complicated.

Hydraulic winch

The pulling speed of the oil pressure strand is constant and unpleasant, and it is also complicated to install, and it uses the original car to turn the oil circuit system to “divide” its oil pressure. The help pump is more assured, but it does not have much heat dissipation trouble.

Maintenance method editing broadcast

Electric winch is often used under bad conditions, so daily use will seriously affect its life. You must not ignore daily maintenance. For example, if the steel cable is distorted after using it, it must be loosened, and it must be tangled again, and then put away. If the twisted and steel cables are soiled, be sure to clean it thoroughly. A little lubricant is commonly used to help rust. If you use a winch for a long time, it will bring extra load to the battery. Therefore, batteries should also be checked and maintained frequently.


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